Ycdtotv Parody 2: Jayce Watered and Slimed
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jayce auditions for a t.v. show and finds out, it's gonna get messy"

Jayce goes in for an audition and quickly learns it is for a reunion of "you can't do that on television" she is a struggling actress and really needs this job. Jayce starts to read her lines and is reluctant because she remembers the show and by saying these particular lines, she knows what will happen. In an effort to keep her bossy producer happy and possibly land this job, she reluctantly says her lines, knowing what is coming! She is dressed up in a sweet little blue dress with red lipstick, earrings, her hair done up and heels and proceeds to get bucket after huge bucket of water dumped on her as she continues to read her lines. Jayce attempts to keep her composure as each time she says "water" she gets tons of water dumped over her head for lengthy amounts of time. Finally, she is relieved to find out there is NO more water...Just slime! Jayce gets slimed, then watered again and then slimed and watered again until she has had enough and can't even read her cards anymore. Now Jayce is done and leaves the set angry! Slow motion sequence at the end showing an awesome sliming! A must see, indeed!

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