Ladies Please! Jayce and Jilly's No Pies Pact P2
Starring these models:
"Ariel revealed as the mystery pie thrower..revenge is on the cards"

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First a recap of Part 1 where Jayce and Jilly decided to quit the Mansion Of Mess! They agree how horrible and cruel wamming people is and pledge never to pie each other again..however when Jayce goes to put the pies away, a flying pie hits Jilly..she's sure Jayce threw it and pies fly everywhere

Now part two: With both girls nake and covered in pie, Jilly ups the ante, grabbing a couple of great pies and gives Jayce a pie to the bottom and a pie to the pussy.

Jayce won't stand for this, and she gets tow pies and pies Jilly's tits...and then grabs two more and gets her pussy and her bottom too. There is plenty of pointing and laughing and gloating from each girl as they see how they have destroyed the other. Finally the girls get to talking and Jayce swears she didn't throw the pie that caused the truce to break down. Jilly believes her, but it is a total mystery who did until...

Ariel appears. Laughing and taunting. Calling them idiots. "You look so stupid" she adds, laughing and poitning at them. She admits she threw the mystery pies that broke the truce. "You ladies look ridic-u-lous" she adds, "You're all naked and messy, and look at me in my brand new outfit"

That is the final straw for Jayce and Jilly and they grab Ariel

"You wouldn't dare" she posits, but she is 10% wrong..they would. First they strip her..pulling down her skirt, and removing her top

"This isn't funny anymore" she yells, but our heroines disagree and remove her bra and panties

Ariel says they are fired for stripping her, and they tell her it's fine because they already quit. They will just take their five pies and leave. Ariel says they can leave but the pies are hers

"oh you want want our pies?" asks Jilly, she and Jayce having each armed themselves with a thick gooey pie.

"Yes!" says Ariel and they raise their pies..too late she realises

"You wouldn't dare!" she yells as Jayce pies her boobs and Jilly pies her pussy They spin her around and splat! Jilly gets her full on the bottom and Jayce adds another pie so the bottom is totally covered

"Turn her around Jilly" instructs Jayce, and Jilly does

Splat!" Ariel takes one full in the face from Jayce

The girls want to leave but Ariel insists they help her stay and clean can imagine how that goes...of course it ends in a free for all, all out piefight!
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