Pie Hard! Jayce and Jilly Pie like They Mean It!
Starring these models:
"Catering Capers..aka Pied By The Help"

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Warning..this scene features hard pieing. If you don't like seeing two hot sisters pieing each other like they mean it, do not purchase. Poor Jayce she has a dinner party that's going to start any minute and she's enlisted Jilly the worst caterer of all time!-- to set up the dining area and make banana cream pies. Jayce comes in to check out the progress and is absolutely horrified with the crap job Jilly has done to put it together. Jilly comes in, completely-oblivious to how awful it looks, and Jayce starts to give her the business. Not only did she not make banana-cream pies, she's done a terrible job draping the walls and the dining area looks anything but professional. Not satisfied with Jayce's reaction, Jill decides that it's time that she get revenge on her bitchy boss. She nails Jayce with a pie right to her face, ruining her hair, makeup, pearls, and part of her cocktail dress for the occasion. The more she bitches, the more Jilly lays into her with thick, sticky, creamy pies. The mixture is sticky like fluff, gooey like whipped cream, and just runny enough to get a few good flingings here and there ;) After a few pies right to the kisser and a nice "pie sandwich" to completely cover Jayce's long locks, Jayce grabs Jilly by the arm, pulls her close, and fiercely pies her right in the face! The looks of shock before and after are priceless. Jilly knows this means war. The girls go back and forth, slapstick pies abound, until they're both soaked with pie bits. Angry and upset, the girls decide they'd better make a truce because there's one pie left for the dinner guests and someone has to clean it up. Jayce grabs it, promising she's not going to waste it on someone like Jilly, then gives it to her anyway! Before they can even think to grab a mop and bucket (though Jill has said numerous times "This sounds like a you problem, Jayce. I'm not cleaning this up!") they hear something at the door it's the guests! Embarrassed and messy, Jayce puts the blame on Jilly, but she's not going down that easy. Jill tries her best to convince the guests that Jayce is just a crazy person who pied them both and it's all her fault. Voila! A funny, crazy, pies-filled slapstick performance by arguably the best sisters in mess
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